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“(You will have compered this Y {called a "Greek I" in French} with the Chinese I in sequence 3, and then to a certain V) " The ring that encircles it, in the part adjoining our position, is marked with a longitudinal groove that indeed, seen from our region, gives it the vague appearance of a capital Y... ... we can say of our Sun that it is positively situated on that point of the Y where the three lines composing it meet, and, figuring that this letter possesses a certain solidity, a certain thickness, quite minimal compared with its lenght, we can say that our position is in the middle of this thickness. By considering ourselves to be situated thus, we will no longer have any trouble accounting for the phenomena in question, which are solely phenomena of perspective.” Derrida, Jacques. Dissemination. 1981. Trans. Barbara Johnson. Great Britain: Short Run Press Ltd, Exeter, 2000. Print.